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Farrowing is when the piglets are born. Each sow has a hut with bedding and heat lamps if needed to give birth.
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Step 3 GAP Rating
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The Pigs
We raise Yorkshire, Duroc cross pigs.  We use Duroc boars that are selected for marbling which improves taste and tenderness of the pork.  We have been rated Step 3 by the GAP program.  This is a rating of animal welfare. Our pigs are never given antibiotics.
At about 10 days to 2 weeks old the piglets are ready to come out of their hut and explore.
At about six weeks of age the piglets are ready to be weaned from their mothers and eat a diet of Non-GMO corn and soybeans.
The pigs are then housed in hoop barns with outside access and deep bedding. They are with litter mates throughout life.
The sows and piglets enjoy the outdoors.  
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